Thursday, 18 March 2010

More Bargains in the Works

More bargains in the Works bookshop this week,picked up Watchmen The Film Companion for £3,Matrix comics graphic novel 2 for £1.99.
Also had the great Art of Star Trek movie for £4.99 along with the Art of Watchmen for £4.99.
Those into Roy Of The Rovers there was one soft cover and one hard cover collection at silly prices.

This weeks (and last) weeks comics

Last weeks pick list;
Punisher Max 5
Batgirl 8
Batman and Robin 10
The Twelve Spearhead
Deathlok 5
28 Days Later 8

This weeks pick;
Battlefields 4
Dark Avengers 15
Doomwar 2
Spider-woman 7
Siege 3
Batman 697
Chocker 2
American Vampire 1

Thursday, 4 March 2010

New Books for March 4th

This weeks new books:

Wolverine Weapon x 11
Detective Comics 862
Stephen King's N.
Punisher Max Butterfly
Justice League Cry For Justice 7
Ultimate Avengers 5
New Ultimates 1
The Invincible Iron Man 24
Greek Street 9
Age Of Reptiles 3