Tuesday, 19 January 2010

New books: The Art Of Top Cow

So for Xmas i received The Art Of Top Cow hardcover.
Took ages to get hold of as Abe Books had this listed as the cheapest on-line deal but when the book came they had sent the Top Cow Bible trade,doh! The Bible ISBN was listed against the Art of book,double doh!
Any way took quite a lot of faffing about to finally get refunded,not impressed,but enough about that,what about the book.
Simply stunning.
Inside Marc Silvestri dust jacket featuring Witchblade is the same pic but in uncoloued art,cool.
Table of contents as follows; Witchblade art from Michael Turner,Greg Land,Steve McNiven,Mike Choi,Chris Bachalo the list goes on and on.
Then we have The Darkness section,Marc Silvestri,Michael Turner,David Finch,Dale Keown,Lee Bermejo,Whilce Portacio etc etc.
Next Cyberforce again Silvestri,Turner,Finch,etc.
This is followed by Aphrodite IX, David Finch,Trevor Hairsine,etc.
Next up The Magdelena followed by Hunter Killer: J.Scott CampbellJohn Cassaday etc.
Universe is next with Clayton Crain,Dave Finch, followed by Weapon Zero then First Born,featuring Stjepan Sejic.
Broken Trinity follows then Cyberforce/Hunter Killer and Darkness/Pitt,The Agency and Arcanum then more awsome art from Dave Finch in Ascencion.
Berserker is next followed by Common Grounds,Cursed,Delicate Creatures,Down,Dragon Prince,Freshmen,Humankind,Impaler,Inferno:Hellbound,Madame Mirage,Midnight Nation,The Necromancer,No Honor,Pilot Season,Rising Stars finally finishing off with Wanted.
That,s around 360 pages of awesome art from Top Cow.
Well worth buying, you can get it for a Steal on Amazon with the hardback not much more expensive than the paperback version.
Word of warning you may want to view before buying as some of this collection is a merger of the three previous Top Cow art books.

Not blogged for ages.....

Xmas and work have got in the way of the blog.
I really must put some effort in this year,it's not as though I havn't got enough to review.